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Hurricane Season is Approaching

Be ready for the upcoming hurricane season. Here are some tips for making sure you stay safe.

Take Action To Be Prepared

The Atlantic hurricane season begins in just a few short weeks on June 1. Are you and your agency prepared? If not, now is the time to take action. Here are some important things to consider:

  • Create an inventory of all assets such as equipment and furniture with model and serial numbers and the value of each item. Germania's home inventory checklist is a useful tool for you and your policyholders to complete this task electronically. Documenting and updating this information each year will save time when submitting claims should your home or office experience a property loss. The inventory checklist is available in our brand portal at under the Flyers & Brochures section.

  • Make sure you have all of your insurance policies together in a safe place. Check with your insurance agent to confirm you have adequate coverage for your home and business. If your home or business is in a flood-prone area, make sure you have flood insurance. This type of policy requires purchasing at least 15 to 30 days prior to activation.

  • You may also want to consider purchasing Business Interruption coverage for your agency. Business interruption insurance helps replace lost income and pay for extra expenses when a business is affected by a covered peril. For more information, please contact Germania General Agency (GGA) at 1-855-442-1669, or email

  • Gather copies of important documents that you may need to reference during an emergency. Create electronic back-up copies and store them off-site in a safe location.

  • Create an emergency response plan that contains all of the information your agency needs to prepare for and respond to a catastrophe. Be sure to include these two documents:

    • Communications plan – Identify how you will communicate with staff members and customers, what you will communicate and when.

    • Evacuation plan - Determine where you and your employees will go, how you will get there, and what items to take with you. Communicate your plans to all team members so they understand what is expected of them.

  • Compile a list of contact information for reputable vendors and contractors to perform repairs should you require them. Develop these contacts and relationships now rather than waiting until disaster strikes.

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