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Freeze Preparedness

The National Weather Service has indicated that a hard freeze is possible over the Holiday weekend. They are predicting several evenings with temperatures below freezing. While we are all hopeful this will not be a major freeze event, it is best to prepare now. Below are some recommendations from the experts.

- Wrap exterior exposed pipes.

- Exterior faucets and exposed pipes are susceptible to breakage.

- While you are home, it is recommended to let both hot and cold taps drip during the hard freeze hours to help prevent pipe bursts.

- Turn off your irrigation system, run-off can cause ice build-up.

- Keep your house heated to a minimum of 65 degrees and open the cabinets under sinks.

- Cover any exterior plants and bring in small potted plants.

- Make sure to bring your pets inside.

Check that fireplaces and heaters are working correctly.

- Ensure that fireplace flue is closed when not in use.

- Check on your neighbors.

- If you will be traveling, it may be a good idea to shut the water off to your home and drain as much water as possible out of the lines.

- Leave your heat on low to help prevent damage within your home.

Stay safe and be prepared!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Germer Insurance Services and Rucker-Ohlendorf Insurance teams.

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