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Safe Driving in Wet Conditions

We’ve enjoyed some much needed rain in the last week. The clouds have rolled in and out and back in again. The temperatures have dropped - a clear indication of cooler weather on the horizon. Such a relief from the hot Texas sun!

With this change in season comes ever changing road conditions that we need to stay aware of. 

Follow these tips to drive safely in wet road conditions:

Obey all road signs, especially “low water crossing” signs. 

Pay close attention to areas prone to flash flood. Remember that the ground is so saturated, a flash flood can happen even when it’s not raining where you are. 

Check that the tires and brakes on your car are in good working order. Road traction changes when the pavement is wet. 

Keep your headlights on even during the day.

Give other vehicles around you more space. 

Take your time getting where you need to. Driving slower helps prevent your car from hydroplaning. To do this, you need to allow enough time. 

Driving safely in wet conditions takes just a little extra effort, but it’s more than worth it. Prevent accidents, accidental deaths, property damage and repair costs for you personally and for everyone else around you. 

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