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Simple Car Care Tips for Summer

Summer brings wonderful days outside: swimming, picnics, hiking and more. It also brings higher temperatures and dryer conditions with more dust in the air. Make sure you get where you want to safely and comfortably by following these simple car care tips.

Inspect your Coolant System. Check not only the level of coolant fluid, but also the coolant system in general: hoses, coolant reservoir, and concentration of the coolant mixture (recommended mixture is 50/50 water and anti-freeze). Coolant should be flushed every 24 months, so have this done if it’s been a while. We highly recommend that this system be checked by a professional.

Change the oil. Be sure to have your oil changed on schedule (typically every 3,000 – 5,000 miles). This is especially important if you use your vehicle often for short trips or decide to take a longer trip with heavy luggage or with something in tow.

Check your Air Conditioner. If this is running a little sluggish, the air not quite as cold as it once was, you may have a leak. Take your car to a pro and have it checked out. Also, many newer cars have cabin air filters that clean the air before it goes through the AC unit. Check your owners manual for the location and change the filter regularly. The cleaner the air, the better your AC will perform.

Monitor tire pressure and tread. Check tire pressure at least once a month. Do this when your tire is cool, in the late evening or early morning is best. When checking the thread, make sure there are no stones, nails, cracks, or uneven wear and make sure tread depth is good. Be sure to inspect the sidewalls for any cuts or slits. Also make sure your spare or donut tire is in good working order and if you should need to change a tire, do it in a safe spot.

Keep it clean. Dust and dirt builds up slowly over time on your windshield. So slowly, you may not notice just how bad it is. Take a few minutes to clean them inside and out. You’ll notice a world of difference in visibility, especially in the longer summer evenings. The same goes for the exterior of your car. Washing it regularly helps protect the paint from the elements and prevents damage from any birds or insects who may drop by.

Protect your dash. If you don’t have one already, invest in a nice windshield sun shade. This will not only protect the dashboard from fading and cracking, it will also reduce the heat that builds up in your car when parked in the sun. You can also find some smaller shades that attach to the side windows. This will help protect your passengers from the sun and keep them cool as you drive.

Summer is here, so enjoy every minute. Take care and be safe, but by all means, get out there and find your adventure!

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